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Understanding the Practice of Doctor Gordon Tang

Gordon Tang is certified by the board for neurological surgeries. The fellowship and trained neurosurgeon has been a trusted name in the Berkeley, California region. The good doctor has the experience of having more than five thousand surgeries in the past fifteen years in the East Bay region. His experience and popularity in the medical arena earned him top doctor award in the medical community since 2009. The tradition has not changed since that year. In case, you wished to make a background check on the good doctor, you could make use of Medicare data, the website would provide you with adequate information on his practice. Dr. Tang has been deemed the best in the Bay Area.

He has been practicing in a single location. His personal and small practice helps him to focus completely on understanding the patient’s problem or condition. Gordon Tang would apply his experience for tailoring the best solution to your particular condition. The doctor has been known to lay emphasis on smallest procedure available. He would suggest minimal invasive process for your condition. However, that may not be the case with every patient.

Most of his performed spinal surgeries would not need you to stay in hospital. Dr. Tang would usually operate at Alta Bates Medical Center with his operating team, where he has been working for more than ten year.